Mexico City

The Pacific Tour


per person:

The Pacific Tour Road Trip
The Pacific Tour Mexico
Pacific Road Trip Vacation
The Pacific Tour Travel Mexico
Pacific Coast Tours in Mexico
The Pacific Coast Mexico Tours


14 days / 13 Nights


All year long weather permitting

Mode of Transportation:

VW Beetle convertible or VW classic Combi with a guide, driver or on your own

Visited Places:

12 towns and villages in 5 states

More About This Tour

The Pacific Tour, Mexico.

Day 1 – Mexico City – Santiago de Queretaro (2 hours)

(Depending on your arrival time). Arrival in Mexico City and transfer to Santiago de Queretaro where you will meet our friendly staff and the rest of the group. Once you’ve relaxed, we will quickly go over some paperwork before introducing you to your ride: a classic Beetle convertible. You will then be given some free time to lounge around the pool of the hotel you will be staying in (housed in XVI century colonial mansion) or relax at one of the numerous lively cafes located on the main square in front of the hotel. You will then be given the option to either follow our guide for a walking tour of the city center or take the tour on your own using one of our prepared maps. You will then be free to dine in town with other group members or on your own (we will give you list of the best eateries and restaurants the town has to offer).

Day 2 – Santiago de Queretaro – Morelia (1 hour drive)

7:30 am to 9:00 pm: Continental breakfast at the hotel’s beautiful courtyard followed by a group meeting at 9:30 pm to discuss the road trip and the day’s itinerary. Once the meeting over, you will be given some time to continue your visit of Queretaro, go shopping or just chill out. At 12:30 pm the group will meet in front of the hotel where you will take posession of your Beetle. 1:00 pm, your Mexican adventure begins: departure for Morelia. You may join the group as it makes its way to your next scheduled stop (which we recommend on the first day of driving) or hit the road on your own. 4:00 – 4:30 pm arrival at our hotel in Morelia which is located in an old carriage house right in the city center. Guided tour of the city’s center where you will discover Morelia’s majestic cathedral, many churches and animated XVI century stone archways. Morelia’s charm and liveliness will captovate you. Dinner and drinks under one of the archways as you watch Morelian’s enjoy a night on the town.

Day 3 – Morelia – Patzcuaro (less than I one hour drive)

7:30 am to 9:00 am: Breakfast in the beautiful courtyard of the hotel. Short daily road trip briefing before you are given time to further explore Morelia on your own or with our guide. 3:00 pm we meet back at the hotel before leaving for Patzcuaro.

During the short drive to Morelia you will notice a slight temperature change as we make our way through pine forests and reach the little mountain town of Patzcuaro bordering a lake. We will stay in a lodge in the town’s center, ideal for discovering this charming little village and its numerous busy markets and food stands. Patzcuaro is also a great place to buy a few souvenirs as the town abounds with craft shops. Our guide will show you around town and we will take a short drive to visit nearby local Tarascan ruins of Tzintzuntzan. In the evening you’ll dine in town.

Day 4 – Patzcuaro – Chapala (4 hour drive)

8:00 am – 10:00 am: Breakfast in a little café located on one of the town’s main squares where you will enjoy watching the locals as they go about their business. Morning meeting to discuss the day’s itinerary. You will then be given some time to take a boat ride on the lake, further explore the town or go for a little shopping. Departure at 11:00 am for Chapala, another lakeside town located in the state of Jalisco. This is one of our longest drives but it is a beautiful one that will take us through pine forests and smooth stretches of mountain roads. Arrival in Chapala in the late afternoon where we will unwind a little before we set out for a stroll through the streets of this delightful little town. Dinner and drinks in town.

Day 5 – Chapala – Mascota (3 ½ hour drive)

7:30 am to 9:00 am: Continental breakfast at the hotel followed by the group’s daily briefing. You will then be given the opportunity to stretch your legs and go for a little walk in town and by the lake with our guide. For those of you who prefer to be on your own, you will be free to amble through Chapala and check out its numerous galleries and stores. After lunch, we will meet at 1:00 pm in front of the hotel to begin our drive to Mascota a “Rachero” (or farmers’ town) located in a plain surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains. Arrival in Mascota around 4:30 pm (remember, we are in no rush and do stop along the way). There we will be staying in a beautiful historic posada in town near one of our favorite stops: a quiet little cafe that serves local pastries. Our guide will then take you on a walking tour of Mascota or you can of course head out to discover the sights on your own. Dinner and drinks in town before we all get a good night’s sleep.

Day 6 – Mascota – San Sebastian del Oeste (less than 1 hour drive)

8:00 am to 9:00 am: Continental breakfast in the hotel followed by the group’s short daily briefing. A guided tour and visit of the museum of archeology will follow for those interested. Those of you who prefer to wander on their own will be able to walk the stone-paved streets of Mascota and get a feel of rural life in Mexico. After lunch we will meet at 3:00 pm before beginning our short drive to San Sebastian del Oeste. Arrival in San Sebastian de Oeste at about 4:00 pm. Located high up in the mountains of the Sierra Madre, San Sebastian is a small rural town where time seems to have stopped. There we will be spending the night in a beautiful eco-lodge where you will get a chance to sit back and relax while enjoying a local drink. We will then head towards the town center for a walking tour followed by dinner and drinks.

Day 7 – San Sebastian de Oeste – Puerto Vallarta (2 hour drive)

8:00 am to 10:00 am: Breakfast at the lodge followed by our daily briefing. Time off to wander on your own or with the group’s guide. Departure at 1:00 pm for the coastal town of Puerto Vallarta. The drive to Puerto Vallarta crosses the final stretch of the Sierra Madre. As we make our way towards the coast you will notice a temperature change as the air gets balmier. In Vallarta you will stay in a hotel located on the beachfront just a short drive from downtown. Once you’ve arrived you will be given plenty of time to relax, enjoy the hotel’s beautiful pool or head to the beach. Our Puerto Vallarta stop is scheduled for 2 days so you’ll be free to either dine at the hotel or head into town to party a little on the Malecon (boardwalk)!

Day 8 – In and around Puerto Vallarta (no driving unless you want to!)

8:30 am to 10:00 am: Continental breakfast by the pool or in the hotel’s restaurant. You can then head into town with our guide or on your own for some sightseeing, shopping or just to get a feel of downtown life. If you’d rather relax at the beach you will be free to stay at the hotel or discover one of the many beaches just a short distance away. Our Vallarta stop is meant for you to unwind so no pressure, do as you please. Our guide will be available to help make you way around town and discover all the cool places to shop, lunch, dine or simply hang out.

Day 9 – Puerto Vallarta – Chacala (2 ¼ hour drive)

8:00 am – 10:00 am: Continental breakfast by the pool or in the hotel restaurant. Morning meeting to discuss the day’s itinerary. We will then leave shortly after breakfast (no later than 11:00 am) to avoid the mid-day heat. We will cross downtown Vallarta on our way to Chacala in the neighboring state of Nayarit. As we we make our way to la Riviera Nayarit we will stop along the way in the town of San Pancho to enjoy a quick swim and lunch. After lunch we will have about an hour’s drive before reaching Chacala where will be staying in a warm and friendly resort & spa. Here again our stop is scheduled for two days so you get to enjoy the ocean and work on your tan. Dinner and drinks at the hotel at no extra charge. The key word for your Chacala stop is: relax, relax and relax!

Day 10 – Day in Chacala (no driving unless you want to take your Beetle for a spin)

8:00 am – 10:00 am: Breakfast buffet followed by… no morning briefing! Our Chacala stop is intended to offer you the “rest” break you deserve! Head to the beach, enjoy a spa treatment, catch up with some reading or take a snooze by the pool… you choose! You’ll enjoy a full day of farniente coupled with a few delicious buffets and meals on us.

Day 11 –Chacala – Guadalajara (3 ½ hour drive)

7:30 am – 9:30 am: Breakfast buffet followed by our morning briefing to discuss the day’s itinerary. You will then have some time off to go for a swim or relax by the pool. Lunch snack before we hit the road for Guadalajara at 1:30 pm. This time we will taking a two–lane highway until we reach Mexico’s second largest city. Once in Guadalajara you will be given the option to follow your guide on a group tour or head off to discover the city center on your own. Drinks and dinner at the hotel or in town followed by a night on the town for those who want to discover the city’s nightlife.

Day 12 – Guadalajara – Guanajuato (3 ¾ hour drive)

7:30 am – 9:30 am: Continental breakfast at the hotel followed by our daily briefing. Time off to continue your tour of Guadalajara in company of your guide or on your own. After an early quick lunch we will meet at 12:30 pm at the hotel. Departure schedule at 1:00 pm for Guanajuato, a colorful and lively town perched in the rocky mountains of central Mexico. Arrival in Guanajuato around 5:30 pm where we will be staying in a charming hotel located in the city center. Late afternoon guided tour of the town center where you will visit its churches, university and the remarkable Theatro Juarez. Dinner and drinks at one of Guanajuato’s numerous animated restaurants and live music for those who want to enjoy the nightlife.

Day 13 – Guanajuato – San Miguel de Allende (1 ½ hour drive)

7:30 am – 9:30 am: Continental breakfast at the hotel followed by a short daily briefing. Later in the morning you will be given the opportunity to visit the Mummies Museum or continue exploring Guanajuato on your own. 2:30 pm meeting in front of the hotel before departing for San Miguel de Allende at 3:00 pm. You may as usual join the group as it makes its way to the next scheduled stop or hit the road on your own. 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm: arrival in San Miguel de Allende for those who will have driven with the group. Meeting at the posada (a charming colonial hotel where you will be staying) followed by a guided walking tour of San Miguel’s narrow, winding streets. Visit San Miguel’s highly unusual church that brings to mind Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia and the colorful town square. Enjoy a night on the town and head out for dinner and drinks in one of San Miguel’s cool restaurants or bars.

Day 14 – San Miguel de Allende – Santiago de Queretaro (less than 1 ½ hour drive)

7:30 am – 9:30 am: Continental breakfast at the hotel or in town for those who want to get an early bird’s view of this vibrant little town. Time off to continue your visit of the town, shop or explore its galleries. You may follow your guide or take off on your own. Early lunch before departing from our hotel for our final stop: Queretaro. Scheduled departure is at 1:00 pm to give you sufficient time to head on to your next destination (Mexico City’s airport or any other destination you have in mind). Those who wish to spend an extra night in Queretaro before heading to their next destination are welcome to do so for a small extra charge (although additional hotel nights are not included we will happy to book them for you should you choose to prolong your stay).

Tour Highlights

  •  A perfect mix of adventure and farniente
  •  A trip that will have you discover both Mexico’s colonial heritage and its pristine beaches
  •  A wide and spectacular variety of landscapes (deserts, forests, mountains, jungle and coastline)
  •  Plenty of time to stop, explore, discover and relax
  •  Scenic roads to travel and enjoy in your funky convertible

Rates & Conditions

$3,750 per person*

* Based on two people per car and hotel room.
For the exact cost of upgrades such as accommodation in single occupancy rooms or if
you wish to travel alone in your Beetle please contact our team.

What your trip includes:

  • Your Beetle convertible (two people per car)
  • Accommodations (double occupancy) in charming hotels, haciendas or lodges in the cities and towns to which you will be going
  • 1 meal per day (usually breakfasts)
  • Gas (when following the standard itinerary only)
  • Third party automobile insurance & passenger medical costs in the event of an accident
  • A group guide
  • 24/7 roadside assistance comprised of a mechanic and support vehicle (when following the standard itinerary only)
  • Access to a cellular phone for short local calls only and radio during the duration of your trip.

What your trip does not include:

  • Airport transfers fees (although we will arrange them for you)
  • If you are traveling alone, you will be paired with another traveler unless you specifically request your own car and hotel room. Any upgrade – such as accommodation in single occupancy rooms or if you wish to travel alone in your Beetle – shall be subject to additional fees.
  • Lunch and dinner meals, international airfares (note: we can book your airfare for you for an additional fee)
  • Tips and personal purchases you may make during your stay
  • Accommodation, meals, roadside assistance and repairs if you venture beyond the standard itinerary.

Map & Directions

Book your City Tour now! We only require a small reservation fee.

Full payment by credit card or in cash is only required on the day of your tour.

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