The Luis Barragan Tour


  • What is the difference between a shared and private tour?

    If you opt for a shared tour you will travel with other guests and share your ride and guide. Our shared tours never include more than 7 guests per vehicle and guide. If you select a private tour, you will travel in your own vehicle and have the services of our guide just for you.

  • What is the maximum number of guests on a shared tour?

    All of our shared tours include a maximum of 7 guests per vehicle and guide.

  • How many guests can be on a private tour?

    To book a private on a private basis you will need to a minimum of two people. If your group is over 21 guests, please email us to help you work out the details.

  • If I book a shared tour, willI I be picked-up at my location?

    Because of time considerations, we are unable to offer individual pick-ups for our shared tours. All guests traveling on a shared basis will be required to meet their guide at a specific location that will be confirmed when booking.

  • I booked a private tour, will I be picked at my hotel/airbnb?

    Yes, and at no additional cost if you are located in the following neighborhoods: Corredor Reforma, Roma, Condesa, Juárez, San Rafael and Cuauhtémoc. At an extra cost, if you are located in Polanco or around the World Trade Center. Please note that outside of these neighborhoods and in the Historical Center we will likely ask you to meet us at nearby location.

  • Can I add another person to my initial booking?

    Yes as long as we still have availability on the day of your tour.

  • Can I schedule an afternoon tour?

    Because of distances and the challenge traffic can represent in Mexico City, all our tours depart between 9:30am and 10:30am.

  • What transportation do you use for your tours?

    All our tours are given in classic Volkswagen buses and convertible Beetles.

  • Can I use my own vehicle for the tour?

    To gain access to some of the properties we visit, private transportation is not allowed. As a result, you will need to travel in our authorized vehicles.

  • Why do some of your tours last a full day? Can't they be shorter?

    Many of our tours visit multiple sites, sometimes spread out throughout the city. Because we never want to rush our guests and believe our tours should be carried out at a leisurely pace, we'd rather offer our visitors a little more time to enjoy each site. Last, Mexico City is a giant metropolis and navigating it can sometimes be tricky!

  • When do I pay the remaining balance for my tour?

    The remainder of your balance is only due the day of your tour. It is payable with any major credit card (Visa MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, Diner's Club, Apple and Google pay) or in cash (Mexican Pesos or U.S. Dollars).

  • Do your prices include Sales Tax?

    Yes. All tours are subject to a 16% sales tax which is already included in our displayed rates.

  • How many tours covering the works of Luis Barragán do you offer?

    Currently we offer 3 different tours of Luis Barragán's body of work. We have one half-day day and 2 daylong itineraries.

  • What is the difference between each of your Luis Barragán tours?

    Our half-day tour is The Towers of Satélite & Cuadra San Cristóbal tour. It includes the following sites: The Towers of Satélite, The Fountain of the Lovers, a private visit of Cuadra San Cristóbal (the equestrian estate also known as Casa Egerstrom) and El Bebedero. For information, visit the following link:

    Our daylong tours include two different itineraries, a northern and southern one. Our northern daylong Barragán tour includes the following sites: The Towers of Satélite, The Fountain of the Lovers (Fuente de los Amantes), Cuadra San Cristóbal (the equestrian), El Bebedero and Casa Ortega and its gardens. Our southern itinerary includes: the Convent of las Capuchinas, Casa Pedregal (aka Casa Prieto López) and Casa Gilardi.

  • Why do you recommend the Northern Luis Barragán itinerary?

    For those of you discovering the works of Luis Barragán for the first time, we believe that the northern route is a better introduction to the architect's third stage or the concept of Emotional Architecture. It will have you discover the elements present in all of his works such as texture, colors light and shadows. It also encompasses some of Barragán's most iconic works such as the Towers of Satélite (Barragán/Goeritz/Reyes), Cuadra San Cristóbal (Barragán and Casillas)and Casa Ortega and its gardens (Luis Barragán's first home).

  • Do all of your Luis Barragán tours include Casa Barragán?

    No. Casa Barragán is an optional purchase on some of our tours though. TTB's architecture tours focus mainly on the visit of private properties and estates. However, for those of you interested in visiting Casa Barragán, now a museum, we will try to accommodate your request. The option of adding Casa Barragán is only available for guests who book our daylong itineraries.

  • Can I combine a Northern and Southern Luis Barragán tour on the same day?

    Unfortunately not. Distances and traffic conditions in Mexico City are such that we cannot combine both tours in one day.

  • Is it possible to visit only Cuadra San Cristóbal?

    At the present time the estate remains closed to the general public. As result, guests seeking to visit the property will need to do so through our agency. We do not offer tours of Cuadra San Cristóbal alone, but rather offer several comprehensive tours that visit the estate.

  • Can I take pictures at each site visited?

    In most cases, yes when they they are intended for personal use (Commercial photography will require a special authorization). Some site however will require and additional fee that is not covered in your tour price. Properties we work with and that require an additional photo permit fee are: Casa Gilardi and Casa Barragán. Pictures at the Covent of las Capuchinas are prohibited.