Mexico City

The UNAM Campus Tour

$135.00 USD

per person:

The UNAM Campus Tour
The UNAM Campus Tour
The UNAM Campus Tour
The UNAM Campus Tour
The UNAM Campus Tour
The UNAM Campus Tour


4 Hours

Departure Time:

9:45 am

Tour Guide:

Licensed Architect



Mode of Transportation:

VW Beetle convertible or VW classic Combi bus with a guide & driver

Visited Places:

The UNAM campus, stadium, sculpture area, museums & much more.


A gigantic city warrants a gigantic university! Welcome to the UNAM, Latin America’s largest and oldest university. The UNAM Campus Tour is not any ordinary tour as your guide, a UNAM alumni himself, will give you a rare insider’s view on a campus that dwarfs most of its global counterparts and offers an architectural and historical take on Mexico’s past, present and future ambitions.

More About This Tour

Get ready to explore Latin America’s biggest and oldest university, the UNAM, or National Autonomous University of Mexico, and its campus listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its unique architecture and rich cultural past. More than just a campus, the UNAM is a world in itself. Founded in 1910 as a liberal alternative to its predecessor, the Royal University of Mexico that had existed since 1553, major works of what was to become a truly incredible project, begun in 1949 under the helm of some of Mexico’s most famous architects such as Mario Pani, Enrique Moral, Mauricio Campos and renowned muralists Diego Rivera, Juan O’Gorman and David Alfaro Siqueiros Today, the UNAM is still an ongoing construction projects as it evolves to meet the needs of its ever-growing student population. During your 4-hour VW Beetle convertible or classic VW Combi tour, you’ll be taken from your downtown Mexico City hotel to the southern part of the city where the UNAM proudly sits. There, you will discover a city within the city, covering over 7 square kilometers, and which hosts 14 different schools, an Olympic stadium and swimming pool, botanical gardens, a museum, a sculpture garden and much more. You will stroll along with some of the more than 330,000 students that attend the university each year. You’ll visit several of its schools, discover its one-of-a-kind architecture and numerous murals, and ride across the campus from one end to the other in one of the cute little VW Beetle or VW Combi buses. Make no mistake, the UNAM is not your ordinary campus and nor will this tour be any ordinary tour as you’ll truly get an insider’s view of this place with your guide, who is a UNAM alumni himself. Come and learn about a place that will show you an architectural and historical take on Mexico’s past, present and future ambitions.

The UNAM Campus Tour begins at 9:30 AM. Hotel pick-ups are schedule between 9:30 AM and 10:00 AM depending on your hotel’s location and traffic conditions. Please be in your hotel lobby a few minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.

Tour Highlights

  • Tour the UNAM with an alumni and discover a campus like no other
  • Get insight into one of Mexico’s greatest architectural projects of the XX century
  • Discover the works of some of Mexico’s most iconic architects and artists from O’Gorman to Siqueiros, from Rivera to Pani
  • Wander its botanical gardens or sculpture park
  • Walk in the footsteps of its most notorious alumni
  • Learn about events that shaped the university, Mexico City and the country
  • Get a take on Mexico’s past, present and future ambitions

What does the tour include?

Your tour includes:

  • Transportation in a Beetle convertible or VW vintage Combi bus
  • Your driver & guide during the 4hour tour
  • Bottled water & a healthy snack
  • Hotel pick-up & drop-off
  • Optional picnic meal (available at checkout)


Not included in your tour are:

  • Meals* aside from your snack if you do not opt for our picnic option at checkout
  • Purchases you may choose to make along the way
  • Gratuities you may choose to give at your discretion

Who is this tour for?

The UNAM Tour combines architecture, muralism and sculpture and it a great tour for those of you interested in modernism, visual arts and Mexican history.

Rates & Conditions

  • Shared tour: $135.00 per person (minimum of 2 people)
  • Private tour: $175.00 per person (minimum of 2 people)
  • Solo passenger tour: $320.00 per person* All prices are in USD and include sales tax (16% IVA).

Map & Directions

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